Event Details

Bike Trip - Camp Greenough, MA

June 14, 2019, 7 a.m. - June 16, 2019, 2 p.m.

Location: Bike Trip, Camp Greenough, Cape Cod, MA.

Cost: $60 per person.

This covers meals Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast, campground fees, and transportation costs for cycles and gear. Trip participants should bring extra spending money for souvenirs or food/ice cream on the bike ride.

Trip Description:

This year’s bike trip will visit the newly extended Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path. The Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) is a 22-mile (35 km) paved rail trail located on Cape Cod. The trail route passes through the towns of Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, and Wellfleet. It connects to the 6-plus mile Old Colony Rail Trail leading to Chatham and 8 miles of trails within Nickerson State Park. Short side trips on roads lead to national seashore beaches including Coast Guard Beach at the end of the Nauset Bike Trail in Cape Cod National Seashore.

We will stay at Camp Greenough, the summer camp of the Cape Cod and Islands BSA Council.

The troop is pleased to invite family members of all Scouts to join us, parents and siblings, age 8 or above. Family members will eat with the adult leaders, and sleep in a designated “family” section of our campsite. We encourage families to bring their own tents, but if you need to borrow one, the troop will make it available. Please let us know when submitting your trip fee whether you need to use any camping gear from the troop.

We will depart from the scout shed Friday afternoon and set up camp. Then we will spend the weekend in bicycle rides, visiting the beach, and other summer activities.

Since this is a scouts’ trip, scouts are expected to bike or do activities with their patrols. If the families like to do biking or activities separately, the scouts still should remain with the troop.

Logistics and Schedule:

Thursday June 13, 6:30 pm: Bring bicycles and personal gear to the Scout Shed. We will load the gear and bicycles onto the truck. There will not be room in cars leaving Friday morning for gear or bicycles. There will also be no access to the truck once it is loaded on Thursday until we arrive at Camp Greenough on Friday. Grubmasters should bring all food, iced in coolers with frozen 1 gallon water jugs, for loading as well. Scouts will be expected to help with loading. Grubmasters and patrol leaders will load troop gear also.

Friday June 14, 4:00 pm: Report to the Scout Shed for departure. We will drive to Camp Greenough as a group, unload the troop equipment and prepare dinner.

Sunday June 16, 11:00 pm: We will depart Camp Greenough

Sunday June 16, 1:00 pm: Return arrival at Scout Shed. Scouts will be dismissed for pickup after normal procedures for unloading and stowing gear. Lunch will not be provided on Sunday.

Activities, Weather and Preparation:

We will enjoy group bicycle trips around the campsite and along the rail trail, varying by ability level, with stops for the beach and/or swimming depending on weather. We will organize rides of 3 or 4 different levels of difficulty. Know your biking ability!! Scouts seeking second class advancement will be able to complete the bike hike option requirement.

Since this is a scouts’ trip, scouts are expected to bike or do activities with their patrols. If the families would like to do biking or activities separately, the scouts still should remain with the troop.

Everyone should perform a pre-trip inspection of his or her equipment prior to arriving at the scout shed on Thursday. Look for bad tires, broken spokes, rusted or unaligned chains, bad seat adjustments, loose handlebars, etc. Have you outgrown your bicycle since last summer? Bring water bottles for use while biking and a backpack for your sack lunch or souvenirs.

Bicycle helmets are absolutely required for adults as well as Scouts. No bicycles will be loaded without an accompanying helmet!!

At the campground, there will be fun and games, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to relax over good meals with family and friends.

Be prepared for varying weather. It can be cool at night (as low as 40s), and hot in the daytime (as high as 90s), although averages are 60s-70s. It can also rain. Be prepared for any extreme. Bring sunscreen and insect repellent!!

Uniform note:

Full Class A Scout uniforms are not required. Class B uniforms (the Troop 89 T-shirt) are required on Friday for safety and group identification on the ferry crossing.

Parental Approval:

Form must be on file with the troop.

Equipment List and Packing:

Being prepared is your responsibility and you should make sure YOU PACK all of the following suggested equipment, clothes and safety items for the trip. Please make sure to bring this newsletter and equipment list on the trip. It is important to be prepared for all possible weather conditions. We will do a quick inspection prior to departure to make sure everyone has the necessary equipment.

Following is the Personal Equipment list:

  • ​bicycle

​* ​helmet

  • ​patch kit or spare tube, bicycle tools

  • ​sleeping bag (summer weight)

​ * ​sleeping pad

​ * ​bicycle mount water bottle (1 liter minimum), extra water bottles

​ * ​drinking cup

​ * ​flashlight with extra batteries

​ * ​duffel bag or backpack

​ * ​plastic trash bags

​ * ​proper shoes for riding

​ * ​sneakers

​ * ​3 pairs socks

​ * ​3 underwear

​ * ​long pants

​ * ​long sleeve shirt

​ * ​3 T-shirts (including wear Troop 89 T-shirt Friday)

​ * ​Riding shorts

​ * ​extra Short pants

​ * ​bathing suit

​ * ​sweatshirt or lightweight jacket

​ * ​raingear

​ * ​pajama or other sleepwear (sweat suit)

​ * ​beach towel

​ * ​brush/comb

​ * ​toothbrush and toothpaste

​ * ​personal basic first aid kit

​ * ​any personal medications needed

​ * ​compass (optional)

​ * ​sunscreen

​ * ​insect repellent

​ * ​spending money

​ * ​Scout handbook (for advancement)

​ * ​Sun hat or sunglasses

​ * ​optional * frisbee, hacky-sack etc.


Please email Mr. Karl Kemp: karl.t.kemp@gmail.com.