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Scoutmaster Updates on COVID-19

Posted by Brian S. on March 12, 2020

The following message was sent to the Troop 89 Newsletter mailing list on March 12, 2020:

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to follow up on the Slack message that I recently sent out. The purpose of the message was to provide an update on the Corona Virus epidemic. Troop 89 follows the guidance of Mayflower Council, Metacomet District, as well as Medfield Public Schools when scheduling all of our activities. On our council website, Mayflower council just posted today that they have cancelled all in person activities for the remainder of the month and are recommending troops to do the same. The full article can be found here:

Even though Covid-19 has not been present in Medfield yet, it is affecting several of our neighboring towns. We are going to take the council's advice with this one and cancel the following events:

  • Tonight's Troop meeting where we were going to plan the events of our Greenhorn trip.
  • This weekend's Gaming trip. Anyone who has paid will be fully reimbursed.
  • Next week's troop meeting which was scheduled to be an activity night as well as welcoming the new scouts
  • The March 26th troop meeting which was scheduled to be an advancement night as well as our new scouts first full meeting with us.
  • We will still be present at the crossover ceremonies for both packs if they are still held.
  • We will resume on April 2nd providing nothing from Mayflower council or Medfield public schools suggests otherwise in the meantime.

We are currently looking into ways of holding a remote troop meeting and will be in touch if we are able to make that happen. As of now, the restriction is only through the end of March. We will continue monitoring the situation, but we are encouraging everyone to stay home if you are not feeling well or if you just don't feel comfortable being among everyone else.

Lastly, I have the troop sweatshirts that were ordered. We are still working on sending the logo over to the printer that will be doing the tshirts. It is taking way too long and I apologize for that. Hopefully, we will get them ordered over the next day or two. If anyone would like to pick up their sweatshirt, please send me a message.

YIS, Mr. Hatch, Scoutmaster