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Site Outage on May 23, 2019

Posted by Brian S. on May 23, 2019

On Thursday May 23rd 2019, our website experienced a minor HTTP outage for a period of roughly 10 minutes beginning at 4:53 pm.

During this window of time, the main page of our website was inaccessible. However, all other pages and services provided by our website remained functional. Individuals who attempted to load the main page during the outage would have received a server-generated message with an HTTP 500 response code, indicating that a server error had occurred. According to server records, twenty-four HTTP requests from three distinct IP address were received during the outage.

This outage occurred as a result of the deployment of some new software to our website, which included an update to how troop announcements are handled. This update produced a momentary discrepancy in the server's database which caused the server-side failure.

The issue was promptly discovered by our webmasters and a patch was submitted to version control at 5:05 pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused.