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Troop Meeting 10/24

Posted by Jimmy K. on Oct. 24, 2019

October 24 Troop meeting

On the schedule for this troop meeting is Weblos Weekend planning, advancement (Please note that scouts planning to undergo a board of review must wear Class A uniforms although they are not required for non-advancing scouts), and the Halloween party. Costumes are allowed only if you are not planning to have a board of review.

Snack assignments

Warrior Patrol (Under patrol leader Michael): Vegetables
Big Blue Patrol (Under patrol leader Everett): Dessert
Amish Electrician Patrol (Under patrol leader Billy): Salty snacks
Border Patrol (Under Patrol leader Josh): Salty snacks
Fire Wolf Patrol (Under patrol leader Hayden): Fruit
JASM: Dessert
Senior Patrol (Jani, Chris, Jim, Alex Munz): Drinks