The Troop 89 Website Site is Under Maintenance!

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What's Going On?

Over the past few months I have acquired a very reasonable understanding of a handful of relevant web development languages. As of August 22nd, I have received the green light from our local committee to transfer the troop's website to a new host. With this, I will be rewriting the entire site by hand.

Why is this Happening?

Our previous website had been created in the late 1990's. Its maintenance was entrusted to webmaster after webmaster, each receiving less training on how the site actually functions than the last. When I took over, I wasn't shown the core languages that where manipulating the site, but rather simply told to update "xyz" array each week and copy-paste the "dates" document onto the homepage. This was far from the exciting development position I was expecting, but none the less I went forward with what I was told to do.

Come May of this past year, I finally decided to take a peak through the site's source files. As I browsed through its layers of directories, discovered that the site was left running on now deprecated tags utilizing very old methods; hence many of the inner functionalities of the old site - such a searching for documents and trip information - were no longer functional. Repairing the existing elements would be far more work than simply writing them from scratch. So that's what I set out to do.

Is this it?

Not in the least. The page you are reading now is only a temporary index to display the information of the previous homepage. The new website itself - which, for the sake of convenience I will refer to as the beta site - is being constructed on a private Apache server I am hosting in Medfield. When the full site goes live, it will be rich in new functionalities and resources. Current plans include document searching, trip summaries, dynamic news feed and much more!

When Will the Site be Open to the Public?

I honestly cannot say. As of this posting I've readied only a handful of pages for public consumption. The β site will include database queries and user generated content, opening up a broad spectrum of new security risks. I am quite aware of what threats are out there and have addressed the accordingly, however ensuring that every user input cannot be used in any malicious manor still consumes valuable development time. With current progress, I expect to have a skeleton on the β site up for public consumption within the next month or two. The core functionalities should be running and secured before 2017.

How can i get in on the development process?

I am always open to suggestions, however I will stress that this is a scout project and it will remain that way. All question, suggestions, and requests may be directed at the webmaster email, found under the "Contacts" header to this right of the section.