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Medfield, MA

Troop 89 is one of two Boy Scout troops in the Medfield area. More than 75% of Troop 89 boys go on to achieve the highest rank in Boy Scouts, Eagle scout. Nationwide, only four percent scouts attain this rank. Troop 89 scouts are role models in their communities and desirable employees in the workforce. Troop 89 has the resources to instill a sense of ethics and responsibility in scouts while strengthening their leadership abilities and independence. We've been doing this for awhile: some Troop 89 scouts have fathers who were Troop 89 scouts as well.

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For your community today

For your future tomorrow

Neil Armstrong. Gerald Ford. Steven Spielberg. All three of these men were Eagle Scouts. Boy Scouts go on to be CEOs, lawmakers, captains of industry. Joining scouting will put your boy among men such as John F Kennedy and Bill Gates. At Troop 89, we believe that  Scout's tendency towards success isn't a coincidence, it's a result of strong values and discipline instilled at an early age. 

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